Build and create estimates for potential customers. Customers can interact and accept estimates automatically, which are then easily converted to a scheduled Work Order!

Invoices & Statements

Auto generate invoices seamlessly and also build statements for your repeat customers.

Work Orders

Build detailed work orders and track progress and labor through as the work order moves through your shop!


Schedule Jobs with the easy to use calendar that will help gauge your upcoming workload.

User Access Levels

Restrict what your users can do within your system and control what your users can and can't do within specific modules!

Purchase Orders / Bills

Generate purchase orders for your vendors and manage sending and receiving them! Then create a bill from purchases.

Labor / Payroll Items

You can easily set up your jobs to assign, track, and calculate labor time and cost and convert it to payroll.

Clock In / Out

Allow your staff to clock in and out each day and keep track of time spent and where.


Track Inventory on hand, on a purchase order, or on a job. You can also track individual serial numbers and reconcile.

History Tracking

Your system will track any changes made within the system that will allow you to go back and audit any discrepancy.

Gmail Integration

Integrate your personal gmail or gsuite account to send any email from our system to vendors or customers!

QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Easily integrate a desktop version of QuickBooks Enterprise that will communicate with your ShopManagerApp system to sync data between the two.

Work Flow Management

ShopManagerApp helps you track a job all the way from an Estimate to an Invoice, without letting users make mistakes.

Multiple Locations

ShopManagerApp can manage multiple locations of your shop, where you can easily keep track of everything through one dashboard.

Multiple Businesses

Do you have multiple businesses that have similar processes? Good, ShopManagerApp can handle that, all through one interface.